HiVis Cool-Breeze Cotton Shirt with Generic R/Tape – Long sleeve

Product Code: 3967

Fabric: 155 gsm lightweight cotton

Under arm cotton mesh vents. Twin button down flap pocket and sleeve pen pocket. Hoop style generic reflective tape

Sizes: XS-6XL (8XL Orange ONLY)
*Khaki Only is Night Design
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100% Cotton: Natural feeling garment with anti-static and electrical protection features

CSR Reflective Tape: Premium quality Reflective Tape for the value hi-vis range. CSR Reflective tape fully complies with
AS/NZS1906.4:2010 for Hi Vis material. Home wash 50 Cycles @ 60° C.

HiVis Night Only, New AS/NZS 4602.1:2011: HiVis garments are manufactured to comply with New Hi Vis standard Class N, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 to meet the requirements of HiVis safety standards Design of garments for the reflective tape configuration, for night use only.

HiVis D/N Fabric & Design New AS/NZS 4602.1:2011: HiVis garments are manufactured to comply with New Hi Vis standard Class F AS/NZS1906.4:2010, Class D/N, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 to meet the requirements of Hi-Vis safety standards HiVis Fabric & Design of garments, for day and night use.

SUN Protection UPF 40+ – 50+: Tested for UPF (ultraviolet protection factor)in accordance with AS/NZS4399:1996. The level of protection varies depending on the fabric and colour of the garment. 15+ good protection, 30+ / 35+ very good protection, 40+ / 50+ excellent protection

Green Dye:All garments use the Green Dye only, except for the Patrol Saint Flame Retardant range. All garment fabric fully complies with OekoTex standard 100 class II for products with direct contact to the skin in which prohibited to use aromatic amines, sensitizing dyes and cancer risk dyes.

Electrical Protection: Cotton made garments containing no metal buttons or zippers and are suitable for use in electrical or gas trades.

Anti-static:The latest technology is used in the production of carbon grid anti-static jacket and pants, complies BS5958.2-1991. Cotton garments containing no metal buttons or zippers are also classified under anti-static.

COOL- BREEZE Airflow Vents: Cool-Breeze airflow cooling system removes sweat and body heat through innovative under-arm vents, upper back or vertical vents.

Lightweight: Provide entire ranges of lightweight fabrics as an alternate to regular weight garments. Features include quicker drying, breathable and a more comfortable light weight feel.



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