HiVis Two Tone Cott on Coverall with 3M R/Tape

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Fabric: 311gsm heavy cotton dril.
Gusset sleeve, hoop style 3M 8906 reflective tape. Flap cargo pocket lower leg. Metal press studs.

Sizes  77R-117R

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DNC has an extensive 100% cotton range for a natural feeling garment with anti-static and electrical protection features.

All DNC garments use the Green Dye only, except for the Patrol Saint Flame Retardant range. All DNC garment fabric fully complies with Oeko-Tex standard 100 class II for products with direct contact to the skin in which prohibited to use aromatic amines, sensitizing dyes and cancer risk dyes. Green dye should meet the following conditions: Does not contain harmful or non-aromatic amine; dye itself, noncarcinogenic, sensitization, acute toxicity; the use of formaldehyde and, after extraction of heavy metals in the following limits; non-environmental hormone; nonpersistent organic pollutants; does not produce pollution of the environment harmful chemicals; not produce chemicals that pollute the environment; color fastness and superior to disable the use of dyes.

DNC garments are tested for UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) in accordance with AS/NZS4399:1996. The level of protection varies depending on the fabric and colour of the garment. 15+ good protection, 30+ / 35+ very good protection, 40+ / 50+ excellent protection

DNC HiVis garments are manufactured to comply with New Hi Vis standard Class F AS/NZS1906.4:2010, Class D/N, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 to meet the requirements of Hi-Vis safety standards HiVis Fabric & Design of garments, for day and night use.

DNC use 3M Reflective tape throughout the Hi-Visibility range. 3M Australia supply is only provided for distribution to approved 3M Australia supply partners with nationalwide quality guarantee. Check details under product for relevant 3M codes. All 3M reflective tape complies with AS/NZS1906.4:2010 for HiVis material. 3M8910=3M8912 R-tape Home wash up to 50 cycles @ 60° C. 3M8906 R-tape Home wash up to 30 cycles @ 60° C. 3M8935 Industrial wash 50 cycles @ 60˚C, flame retardent reflective tape ACR Rated:11.9 ATPV.




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