A Bit About Zoe Hart

My name is Zoey Hart and im born in Bundjalung Nation in northern Nsw.

I’ve been painting for over 10yrs but only as a hobby…  Mostly giving my art away as gifts to family and friends. As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in aboriginal art and i would always draw turtles and goannas and then dot them in with textas.

g gives me a sense of peace and is also a way i connect to my culture.

I love looking at a piece of art and trying to understand the story behind it and the meaning of it.

A lot of my art I try to base around family. I like to use the client’s handprints to give it their own special touch to the piece.

My goal in the future is as an aboriginal artist to pass down everything I have learnt about my culture and teach my kids to paint. Which is a great way to ensure our culture never dies.


The Story Behind the Artwork

This painting represents the beautiful country we are so lucky to call home.

The red circles represent our states and territories with the large circle in the centre of Australia representing our land with a strong black history with the common phrase ” Always was Always will be ” aboriginal land kept  in  mind

The outside blues is the ocean. I wanted the waves of the ocean all leading to our country. This is why we are such a great tourist destination.