MSAMHS Polo Shirt Kids (Orange Artwork)


Product Code: PS001A/K_IIH_RDA_K

Material: Lightweight 100% Polyester

Sizing: MENS XS – 8XL, LADIES 6 – 26, KIDS 2 – 16

Decoration: Full Sublimation Print, Custom Design using Charlie Waters digital art piece “Our Cultural Being”.

Delivery:  The order cut-off date is Wednesday 28th February 2024. Delivery of items will be approximately 6 weeks from that date. Your order will be shipped to the PA Foundation and they will post your order to the shipping address you listed when placing the order.

Shipping & Handling: No additional shipping cost. The cost of the shirt is $40.500 flat.

Funds raised from the sale of the shirts will go to the PA Research Foundation to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives hosted by Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services.

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Metro South Health Website

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Indigenous Art used in the design of these polo shirts was provided by Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services

Name: Our Cultural Being
Artist: Charlie Waters
Medium: Digital Art

Cultural practices provide people with enablers that support them to function on a daily basis. The artwork showcases visual locations and totemistic symbols that we see and use to help us get through life challenges. Having these cultural aspects in our lives are valuable. We share these practices with family, friends, work colleagues and those associated within our support circles.

The large circle is a symbolisation of a bora ring, which brings people together during ceremonies, practice healing & health who celebrate old and new cultural practices. Connection circles bring us together. The city of Brisbane is now a visual contemporary location that showcases where our people live and call home.

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services are a part of cultural and healing practices for our people within Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Their presence is within the middle of the work a workforce that is so valuable spiritually to heal and establish culturally safe environments for their clients.

The boomerangs are a symbol of strength and resilience for health workers. Never give up. Always return. Be there by your side.

The Colours
The top and bottom artworks display our waterways, waterholes and the green for the environment. These surround our communities that have are accepting support needs and connect with each other through the sharing of stories and cultural actions.

Our Cultural Being (Blue) represents the water areas of Metro South. Traditional coastal tribes that still today reside on the islands, along the coastal shores and for the mobs that live within the city, their connections to the sea. Metro South is rich in sea people’s historical knowledge which is fluent in contemporary attributes of society.

Our Cultural Being (Green)
represents the rainforest and woodland areas of Metro South. Tribes that once practiced significant spiritual health, social wellbeing ceremonies these sites became permanent features in the lives of people.

Our Cultural Being (Grey) represents the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that currently reside across the Metro South area. These for cultural healing and social wellbeing peoples moved to the area for cultural significance. People from the many different tribes from around Australia practice cultural respect for the traditional owners of Metro South.

Our Cultural Being (White) represents the Non-Indigenous people of Metro South staff who continue to practice and provide contemporary aspects of healing and wellbeing. Cultural Capable staff are fundamental to successful support mechanisms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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