AKL Face Masks (Artist Brad Hore)


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A large reusable face mask that provides protection with two layers of 140gsm polyester. The mask is easily reused by hand washing it in warm water. Comfortable elastic ear loops hold the mask securely in place and can be black or white. The front panel has been branded with stunning edge-to-edge full-colour print and the inside layer of the mask will match the outer print. This face mask is manufactured for use in the home or for recreational or occupational use.

Design Type
AKL Industries in collaboration with local indigenous artist Brad Hore.

L 170mm x H 110mm.


A Bit About Brad Hore

Brad Hore is a two time Olympic and Commonwealth Boxer and the 23rd Indigenous Olympian turned Aboriginal Artist.

As an Aboriginal Dunghutti man, growing up in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast, he was always fighting something; an opponent, for Aboriginal Rights and even himself.

The loss of his Father and COvid-19 hit one after the next and threw him into the depths of grief and mental illness. Finding ways to cope, Brad came home with some paint and a canvas and started telling his story. In one short year his progression lead to a passion that so many wanted to share with him and he started creating specialised, commissioned pieces.

These stories told traditional Aboriginal symbols and methods speak of connection to family, community, land and self each individualised and told in ways of his ancestors.

Visit Brad Hore’s Website Here: https://www.bradhoreart.com/


Brad Hore – The story behind the artwork

This painting represents how important support is during sport. It highlights how family, friends and teammates as well as allied health professionals and coaches all contribute to an athletes success, but also highlights how important that support is through the trials and tribulations an athlete suffers, mentally and physically.


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